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Real people, real skin care.

Real people, real skincare

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Nature's Key Skincare started out with Shelly and her passion for using all natural products, she would continuously search for new ideas and ingredients that could be used instead of standard commercial products which she noticed contained so many horrible chemicals.
She decided there was no way she wanted toxic ingredients around all her loved ones, people and animals. After researching, testing and implementing her recipes for over 8 years, eventually the idea of starting a business out of her passion surfaced. 
Sharing her plans with her daughter Katana, they both came together and started Nature's Key Skincare, and the mother and daughter team that they now are.
Katana takes on the technical and paperwork side of the business. She has an extensive background in customer service and retail, if your talking to someone on the phone or receiving a message on social media its her. 
We started this business venture because we want to help better people's lives by raising awareness about what they are putting onto/into their bodies and to provide products that strictly follow these guidelines, encouraging people to live more naturally, free from harmful toxins and artificial preservatives.
As stay at home mom's we wanted to also provide a good future for our families and be able to stay home and raise our kids, so we followed our passions and turned it into our little business.
Our products are all inspired by our friends and family, who needed help with their own skincare issues, we searched for solutions to help them live more comfortably with the problems they were facing.
It means so much to us that we are able to continue to do this everyday, following our passions and our dreams, and we couldn't do it without all of you, we hope our skincare helps you as much as it's helped us and our family.
Shelly and Katana

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